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What, no watts?

For every system there comes the day when it’s trying to “find a good home”, and the only reason I didn’t take one of those legendary E10k to a cozy place at my home was its unmistakable greed for power.

Niagara certainly fixed that.

Since its introduction a year ago I have been eager to get my hands on one of those little miracles designed to reorganize datacenters and cabinets alike. My eagerness had seen a bit of dampening when my co-author had been denied or rather, never been called back onto her application for a t&b system earlier this year, but when announcements for LDoms surfaced (Oct 17, same day), I couldn’t resist and gave the application process a try of my own.

My to-do list for the trial period includes:

So let’s see. I filed my application for the trial…



less and less power…

T2000 Try and Buy

Denis Sheahan reports that even under forced load, power consumption remains way below expectations. To avoid wasting power to mismatched and overdimensioned Power Supplies, new systems are going to be equipped with 450 Watt versions instead of the initial 550 Watt ones. While the individual savings may seem marginal compared to the deep drop in power requirement represented by the Niagara systems in comparision to the electric heating systems they replace, even those comparatively small savings keep adding up.




Content is currently being reorganized from notes and logs - changing frequently during the next days until the end of the trial period in mid-January.


Since there’s already two mails asking - yes, there’s a DVD LED - I’ll take a picture when the system is out of the rack this weekend one last time.