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für Sun Enterprise Systeme

What, no watts?


For every system there comes the day when it’s trying to “find a good home”, and the only reason I didn’t take one of those legendary E10k to a cozy place at my home was its unmistakable greed for power.

Niagara certainly fixed that.

Since its introduction a year ago I have been eager to get my hands on one of those little miracles designed to reorganize datacenters and cabinets alike. My eagerness had seen a bit of dampening when my co-author had been denied or rather, never been called back onto her application for a t&b system earlier this year, but when announcements for LDoms surfaced (Oct 17, same day), I couldn’t resist and gave the application process a try of my own.

My to-do list for the trial period includes:

So let’s see. I filed my application for the trial…

Log of experiments

During the (still running) Try and Buy — period, I’ve been able to complete a few of the tasks I set out to do. While there’s some kind of diary describing my progress (or lack thereof), I am putting the individual results on separate pages each.

Day-by-day notes

Some kind of diary, describing my work as time passes.

Solaris 10 intro session.

The T2000 has been the focus and center of a Solaris intro session. With a stripped down CDE setup, it was successfully running SunRay services for all participants, as well as a zone for each.

Zones on the T2000.

Most of my time went into experiments with clustered zones.


Up to now, I am lacking the missing parts to try logical domains (LDoms) but here’s the list what I’d like to find out and try.


Last weekend I got around to doing a Hardware photo session. Discover the missing DVD Drive LED…



Final days

T2000 Course Setup

Today I’ve had to start to return the system. With the machine, there had been a flyer in large print listing the contact numbers to call for the individual countries. So this morning, I called the one for Germany, to request the RMA number and arrange pickup.

I’ll be sad to see it go. A year after release, and even with successors in the queue, it still is an incredible and highly satisfactory system.


Friday, Jan 19

T2000 Course Setup

In the web form, I had asked to be contacted for an appointment on pickup. It’s friday, four days later, and noone has called so far. The “logistics” telephone number in the netherlands I had been given is met by an automated reply by my provider stating that it was invalid.

So I’ll play busy waiting on Monday if/when the system gets picked up. This weekend I hopefully can have a little try on LDoms, I’ll have to check if the packages have eventually been released.

So let’s see what this last weekend brings, on Monday the system will be ready for pickup - I’ll miss my travelling companion of the last two months, and playing with it.
I would have liked to include it into my university activities, an “E10k in a pizza box” would have been a nice thing to use in my courses, especially since I have a new one in preparation that would suit it perfectly. But since according to the access logs these web pages have seen little (front page) to no (most sub-pages) interest from inside Sun, this is quite unlikely to happen.

Maybe now that news of Niagara2 and Rock are surfacing, interest in the T2000 and the Try and Buy programm is decreasing?

I’ll be keeping an eye on ebay and the occasional E10k passing by.